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To succeed in today's world of cut throat competition, one must have a special strategic approach, well guided by experts. L-1 coaching, a unit of Sharp minds Educate Private Limited, is a pool of such experts, driven by IITians and Medicos who have a vast experience. A healthy amicable relationship among the staff members of L-1 Coaching not only helped us retain the core team but also attracted top-notch faculties from other institutes. Here the mantra by IITians for aspiring IITians could be heard loud and clear. At L-1 students are considered sparks of divinity, and teaching as dedicated service to words divinity. Synthesis of spiritual values and modern technology is the approach. We assure that our endeavor at L-1 is to prepare students for life with a mind that reasons, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by solid academic excellence. The success rate of our students and their feedback endorses our excellence.

To our students, we impart value-based career education, abundant resources, and individual attention. To the parents, we have a responsibility to nurture ethical and responsible career leadership in the children. To the society, we provide a lifelong connection to ethics and excellence in global leaders.

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