Our Faculties

The trust that L-1 has built-in Varanasi since 2006 ensures that only the most popular teachers with a proven track record are chosen as L-1 Faculties. As an L-1 student, you will benefit from the combined expertise of some of the best facilities in India.
At L-1 students are considered sparks of divinity and teaching as dedicated service to words divinity. Synthesis of spiritual values and modern technology is the approach. We assure you that our endeavor at L-1 is to prepare students for life with a mind that reasons, the right attitude, and a spirit of goodness backed by solid academic excellence.

To succeed in today’s world of cutthroat companions, one must have a special strategic approach, well guided by experts. L-1 coaching is a pool of such experts, driven by IITians and Medicos who have vast experience. The success rate of our students and their feedback endorses our excellence. To empower students to build strong concepts to make them more confident to face any future. The mission at L-1 is to develop Courses, Tools, and Resources to give “Power to students to perform their best”.
Our teaching method follows a systemic approach that provides a student with all the skills required to climb the ladder of success. We help students build strong fundamentals. Any problem can be overcome if the foundation is strong.
For any competitive exam, this is the most important and most important thing to focus on. Undoubtedly, our faculty is best known for this.