Pre-Foundation Course
(Class VIII, IX & X)

Course Duration:1 Year
Syllabus Covered: Science, Math’s, English, SST & Mental Ability (As per NCERT Syllabus and competitive exams)

Mode of Study: Hinglish (Hindi + English)
For a better explanation, mixed language (Hindi + English) will be used while teaching. Study materials will be in English language.

L1 Faculty

We will help your children to solve all the problems of N.C.E.R.T. so that your child will easily beat the 90%.
 We will go through all the deep concepts of each subject so that they increase their analytical skill. This is why they are different from other day scholars.
 Clear all the doubts regarding any question and also clarify the possibility of doubt or confusion.
 Topic wise test will be held on each Sunday, whose result will send to your inbox immediately
 We are the only ones, who are providing the study material from 8 to 10, on the basic orientation of IIT/NEET

Admission Procedure :

Admission is strictly on the basis of performance in the admission cum scholarship test.
Students can get the registration forms and brochure from L-1 Coaching during any working day including Sundays. Either, you can register yourself on our website by completely filling out the registration form and submitting it at our Head Office, Varanasi. Registration Charge Rs. 500/-

Scholarship Test Details :

No. of Questions – 30
Max. Marks – 30 X 4= 120
Duration – 30 Minutes

Total Fee = Fee - (Board % + Scholarship Test Discount) + GST

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