Teaching Methodology


The trust that L-1 has built in Varanasi since 2006 ensures that only the most popular teachers with a proven track record are chosen as L-1 Faculties. As a L-1 student, you will benefit from the combined expertise of some of the best facilities of India.
To succeed in today world of cut throat competition, one must have a special strategic approach, well guided by experts. L-1 coaching is a pool of such experts, driven by IITians and Medicos who have a vast experience. The success rate of our students and their feedback endorses our excellence. To empower students to build strong concepts to make them more confident to face any future. The mission at L-1 is to develop Courses, Tools and Resources to give “Power to students to perform their best”.


L-1 Coaching is committed to provide an environment that stimulates interaction and discussion since that is the best way to learn. Classes are limited to small strengths to ensure a higher degree of personal attention. Students will get to know their professors personally participating better in the one-to-one learning. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of their subjects which are the cornerstones of IIT, NIT & PMT preparation.

L-1 AITS (All India Test Series):

Improves the students examination techniques and problem-solving ability. The progress reports are then sent to their parents by post to keep them abreast of their ward’s performance.


Discussion Classes empower the student to clarity his/her doubts and queries through the mode of discussion with faculty members at micro-level in one-to one interaction. These initiatives help the students to improve their academic performance.


A class that is physically at a distance from the original institutional area. This class may be located in different city, state, country. Satellite Classes are intend to serve students who can’t travel far from for coaching because of family responsibilities, financial limitation or other factors. The availability of satellite classes may increase the chances of selection in IIT/NEET.
Satellite class room provides an excellent environment that is student friendly. There are coordinators who assist students in the class when ever required.

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